August 25, 2019

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What makes Psychopaths so CHARMING?

December 14, 2017

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Female Psychopaths ...

September 26, 2017

Female Psychopaths ...

 I've had a couple of people comment on my promoted Facebook post (see text below) that it is anti-men or sexist ... which is fascinating because I only use gender - saying 'he' - once at the end when I referred to the subject of my book (being my 'husband' he was indeed male!)  Interesting that those commenting that I have been sexist, seem to have made the assumption that the following statement was only about men!

"Showered with love but then conned, abused, used and lied to? It's necessary for life to believe what we're told:- that these pills will help you; that the bank will keep your money safe; and that the food is good to eat. We cannot live without trust ... but there are master manipulators out there who will abuse that faith at every turn with no conscience or remorse and no emotional connection to those around them - even their own children!"

There ARE female psychopaths/sociopaths - though there appears to be less of them than men - research states around 25% of psychopaths are women.  Not enough research has been carried out yet to definitively determine exactly what the statistics are but that is the current estimate.  There is some discussion as to whether (because of genderised upbringing) that female psychopaths express their condition differently and as a result are diagnosed with mental illness instead.  I have certainly come across a female psychopath in the past and now I can recognise what was happening and why she did what she did.  Before my experience at the hands of my own psychopathic 'husband', and subsequent personal research into psychopathy, I had no idea what her motives were.

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