Girls speak out about their 'Dad' ...

SO proud of my girls - they talked so honestly and openly about their experiences. Even though this is 3 years old it is still worth watching to see how children CAN recover from a psychopath if dealt with straightforwardly and without bitterness.

Staying SILENT no more ...

Everyone has a story to tell - often the quietest people have the greatest stories of all. The first rule of any abuser is to keep their vic

What makes Psychopaths so CHARMING?

Why is it that psychopaths, narcissists and sociopaths seem to be the most charming people - certainly in the beginning of a relationship? The ones that sweep us off our feet and seem to know exactly what to say to when. They appear to magically and instinctively know how to get under our skin and make us comfortable - so we relax, let our guards down and let them into our lives. It is not magic though, nor is it instinctive. It is far more simple than that. As teenagers and in our early 20s, most of us experiment with flirting/dating. You see a guy, or a girl, that you like and build up the courage to talk to them. If rejected it is humiliating and embarrassing. It is devastating. It

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