• Unleashing the Power of Resilience - One Story at a Time

    Mary Turner Thomson - International Best-Selling Author & Inspirational Speaker

  • Introduction

    Meet Mary Turner Thomson, a captivating speaker and the international best-selling author behind the powerful autobiographical books about her bigamist, psychopath ex-husband.


    As an expert in the field of writing, publishing, and understanding psychopaths, Mary is dedicated to sharing her knowledge and experiences with a wider audience. Through her books and engaging talks, she has touched the lives of countless readers and event attendees, empowering them to overcome adversity and transform their lives.

  • Discover Mary's Books

    Explore the gripping, real-life stories of Mary Turner Thomson's journey through love, betrayal, and resilience.


    Her books, translated into numerous languages, have captivated readers worldwide and shed light on the dark world of psychopaths.



  • Words of Wisdom

    “We cannot change our past, only use the experience (good or bad) to learn from and grow as individuals. By converting our history into wisdom we can live happily in the present, and move powerfully forward into a bright new future.”

  • Book Mary For Your


    Looking for an inspirational speaker who can captivate your audience and provide valuable insights into the world of psychopaths, survival, and personal development?


    Mary Turner Thomson delivers impactful talks on topics such as recognising personality types, surviving psychopaths, and turning crisis into opportunity.



  • Discover what others have said about

    Mary's speaking events

    "Word has been spreading about what an excellent event this was – a great speaker, fascinating topic, and standing room only. Mary Turner Thomson inspired us with her amazing personal story of resilience..."


    -Women in Banking and Finance, May 2018

  • Empowering Literary


    In 2019 Mary Turner Thomson co-founded the Book Whisperers Community Interest Company, to support authors and publishing professionals to connect, collaborate, and overcome challenges in the traditional publishing industry. Leveraging a cutting-edge platform, the community is constantly evolving to meet the needs of its members.


    Mary, along with other community members, plays an active role in shaping the platform's development, offering invaluable insights and expertise.



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