Jon Ronson's 'Psychopath Night'

I first met Jon Ronson in August 2009 when he interviewed me for his new BBC Radio show. The interview was only supposed to last around an hour and would be edited down for a 6-8 minute segment of a half-hour programme - part of his series on people who were coming out of having been conned. I met Jon and we sat down to chat in the recording booth. I told him my story - from start to finish and he kept asking more and more questions.

Two and a half hours later he finally sat back and said, 'Well I don't think that will fit into an 8 minute segment ... I think we will have to make the whole programme about this one story.' And that is what he did. The first programme of his new series was entitled 'The Internet Date from Hell' and it has been playing on radio ever since. The show was even nominated for the Sony Awards and I believe came 3rd! ​​

You can listen to that radio show on my media page or on YouTube:

Jon Ronson On ... The Internet Date from Hell

Jon was particularly fascinated by the answer I gave to one question of his - he had asked:"Why are you so calm about all of this, why are you an emotional wreck?" and he has credited my answer as having changed his life.

I said:"Because it's not personal. I believe Will Jordan is a psychopath and as such has no conscience or remorse. He is a predator and sees us all as his prey. It doesn't matter to the cat if the mouse is a kind mouse, or a pretty mouse, rich, funny, intelligent or even if it is a parent. The mouse is just there, just a plaything. In truth it is nothing to do with the mouse at all. I feel like the zebra that got away from a lion - it wouldn't be sitting there licking it's wounds and bemoaning the back that it was caught, it would be filled with joy for having got away."

Jon was fascinated by the concept that there are people who live among us that are predators, the lions of society who are preying on the rest of us. He was so intrigued that he went off to research & write a book called 'The Psychopath Test" which now an international best seller, and in 2015 he very kindly credited me with having inspired him to do so. Guardian article Q&A with Jon Ronson about 'The Psychopath Test'

In January 2016 Jon asked me to do a show with him - the finale of 'Five Nights with Jon Ronson' at the Leicester Square Theatre in London. The show was a huge success and the 450 seat theatre was sold out with a waiting list of 133 people hoping for returns. So was born 'The Psychopath Night' with Jon doing his amazing comedic journalism routine talking about psychopaths and the madness industry, and interviewing both myself and the lovely Eleanor Longden. Every show to date has been sold out and we have done a two week tour in November 2016, another two week tour in March 2017 and have a planned 6 day tour November 2017 - but this time to much larger venues seating 1700 etc! Even with the bigger venues there are only a very few tickets left and a week left before the tour starts. (If you want tickets just click on the flyer below to be taken to Jon's website with links to each individual venue.)

It seems I am not alone in my fascination about psychopaths, sociopaths and narcissists!

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