Staying SILENT no more ...

Everyone has a story to tell - often the quietest people have the greatest stories of all.

The first rule of any abuser is to keep their victims silent and it is often SO ingrained into the victims that they stay silent long after the abuser has left their lives. They feel embarrassed or ashamed of what happened to them and so don't speak up. No-one, however, should EVER have to feel ashamed of having been a victim of a crime.

Consider writing your story down because it WILL help. For several reasons. Firstly the memories are no longer rattling around in your head, writing them down makes sense of them and gives you a physical focus outside yourself. Secondly it allows you to see the whole picture from start to finish and analyse what happened and why. Thirdly, if you share the writing with others, it also helps all those that have lived through something similar and other victims who come after!

You are not alone - and I certainly found that out when I wrote 'The Bigamist'. I get contacted all the time be people thanking me for going public because they had felt so alone and that no-one understood. It makes all the difference to know that my story helps others.

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