• Mary Turner Thomson:

    Resilience and Empowerment

    Unleashing the Power of Personal Growth and Female Strength

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    Meet Mary Turner Thomson

    Meet Mary Turner Thomson, a woman of resilience, a powerhouse of motivation, and an advocate for female empowerment. As an international best-selling author, speaker, trainer, writing coach, publishing consultant, and tech-savvy entrepreneur, Mary has an uncanny ability to transform adversity into opportunity.


    With her uplifting spirit, she guides others towards personal growth and a better life.

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    From Media Production to Motivational Mastery

    After starting her career in television and corporate video production, Mary ventured into marketing in 1989. She worked for a marketing consultancy and later established her own marketing business, which she sold in 1996. In 1997, she joined the Scottish Enterprise Network, where she honed her skills in motivational techniques and training.
    By 2004, Mary had once again embarked on a journey as a self-employed consultant and trainer.

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    Unveiling Secrets: Authoring Impactful Stories

    In 2006, Mary published her first book, "The OTHER Mrs Jordan," which was quickly picked up by Mainstream Publishing in Edinburgh. The updated paperback version, "The BIGAMIST," includes additional victims and children discovered after the first book's release.

    Mary's other books include "TRADING PLACES," the powerful true story of Natalie Hutchison, a survivor of chronic abuse who transformed her life by starting a thriving business. Her latest book, "The Psychopath," released in March 2021, explores the topic of emotional and psychological abuse.

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    Empowering Survivors: Transforming Pain to Power

    Mary's story of personal trauma serves as a testament to her strength and wisdom, showcasing her ability to help others overcome similar challenges.


    She supports victims of abuse through her writing, coaching, and public speaking engagements.

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    Uniting Authors: Nurturing Publishing Success

    As the co-founder of the Book Whisperers Community, Mary has created a space for authors and publishing professionals to connect, collaborate, and overcome challenges in the traditional publishing industry.


    This digital hub, powered by a cutting-edge platform, fosters networking, resource sharing, and the exchange of experiences to enhance members' writing and publishing journeys.

  • Words of Wisdom

    “We cannot change our past, only use the experience (good or bad) to learn from and grow as individuals. By converting our history into wisdom we can live happily in the present, and move powerfully forward into a bright new future.”

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