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Having risen from the ashes of her relationship with a psychopath Mary successfully wrote her story in a book which is now an international bestseller translated into numerous languages. Mary is an inspirational speaker with a specialism in talking about personality types – specifically dealing with psychopaths, sociopaths and narcissists – as well as the survival skills she has learnt throughout her journey of discovery, such as finding your voice, turning a crisis into a life lesson and the practical skills of writing and publishing. She tells her personal story straightforwardly and with humour leaving people with a positive can-do attitude and hopeful outlook.  


Mary has a wide range of speaking experience.  Including talking to audiences of up to 2000 people in places like The Dome Theatre and Liverpool Philharmonic as a special guest of Jon Ronson with 'The Psychopath Night' which toured UK and Ireland from 2016-2018.  She also runs regular workshops with schools helping students write and publish books.


Her most popular talks include:

Solid Gold Clouds

“Experience is what we get when we don’t get what we want, and wisdom comes from experience.” This is a motivational talk about how you can survive and thrive after a traumatic event, that you can use the experience to grow and help others rather than allow it to hold you back.

Keeping Your Powder Dry 

(or 'How far CAN you throw them?')

As a business adviser, marketing consultant and motivational training teaching people about personality types, Mary's whole business was based on trust and reputation.  It was something she knew would be impossible to continue if she went public with her story about trusting a husband who was a psychopathic con man.  We have to trust people to function in society - we trust that the taxi driver has a driving licence and that our doctors have medical degrees but rarely do we ask to see them.  What do you do when trust is shattered at the core - trust in others, trust in ourselves, and trust in society?  The phrase 'Trust ... but Keep Your Powder Dry' (Oliver Cromwell) says it all - knowledge and understanding is the key to knowing who and how to trust.


Surviving Psychopaths - and how to recognise if your Boss is a Sociopath

1% of society score highly on Dr Robert Hare’s Psychopath Checklist Revised (PCLR) – and they are far more common at senior levels of business (4%). Understanding how antisocial personality disorders present themselves and how to deal with them is crucial for protecting yourself and recovering from their actions.


Finding Your Voice (workshop)

The first rule of any abuser is to ‘keep your victim silent’. It is often hard after abuse to start speaking out to anyone about what has happened because of the conditioning to keep quiet. We also live in a society that often victim-shames making it all the harder for people to come forward. Finding Your Voice is about opening up and expressing feelings either verbally, visually, or through writing.


Recognising Personality Types

Everybody is different but we all roughly fall into four categories. Using a simple colour profile you can identify what general type you are and what your colleagues/suppliers/customers are too – helping you treat others as THEY want to be treated. The technique allows more genuine connections with people around you (sometimes with people you normally wouldn’t get along with!)

This is a great team-building activity that also helps with interactions with customers, staff, family and friends!


Write Yourself Out of a Crisis - how writing can help heal your life

Writing has been proven to be cathartic and helpful in problem-solving. Even just writing a diary has therapeutic qualities. Using writing to make sense of a crisis situation allows the writer to get the information out of their heads and clears space for analysis and solutions to take their place.


Writing/Publishing Books

As a successful international best-selling author, Mary can talk about or run workshops in all aspects of writing and publishing books. From writing coach to publishing consultant, and as a Director of WhiteWater Publishing Ltd, she can advise on whether traditional publishing or self-publishing is right for you. She has worked with all ages (from nursery school to 90-year-olds) and has experience in speaking as well as running interactive workshops in all aspects of writing/publishing books including:


  • Creating Colourful Characters

  • Setting the Scene

  • Storyline and Plot

  • Editing and Illustrating

  • Publishing versus Self-Publishing

  • Marketing Books

"Word has been spreading about what an excellent event this was – a great speaker, fascinating topic and standing room only. Mary Turner Thomson inspired us with her amazing personal story of resilience, stimulating a lot of questions and discussion towards the end of the evening. After discovering that her husband of 6 years was a bigamist and a psychopath, Mary’s whole world turned upside down. She’d been totally taken in by his lies and lost most of her money to him. While her first response had been to withdraw into herself, she realised she was not living a good example to her children on how to stand up to this adversity, and she decided to tell her story and break the silence. In her research to write her book about her experience, she discovered a whole new world for her of psychopaths and how they gain control over and manipulate people."


(Women in Banking and Finance - Review of 'Surviving Psychopaths' event May 2018)


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Recent Speaking Events 

(last updated 16th March 2020)

17th June 2019 - KEEPING YOUR POWDER DRY - 'FUN' (Fvck Up Night), Edinburgh 

15th June 2019 - SOLID GOLD CLOUDS, 'WEvolution' Glasgow

13th June 2019 - BECOMING AN AUTHOR, 'Dedridge' book launch, Livingston

29th May 2019 - PUBLISHING, 'Pogo Go Go' book launch, South Lanarkshire

22nd May 2019 - BECOMING AN AUTHOR, 'Bear with Me' book launch, Edinburgh

20th May 2019 - WRITING/PUBLISHING, 'Zoe' book launch, Stonehouse

1st April 2019 -  BECOMING AN AUTHOR - 'Untold' book launch, Edinburgh

26th January 2019 - SOLID GOLD CLOUDS - PSA Conference, Edinburgh

17th June 2019 - FVCKUP NIGHTS EDINBURGH - Edinburgh

25th January 2020 - BURNS SUPPER (Reply to the Toast to the Lassies) - SAC, Edinburgh

17th February 2020 - FVCK UP NIGHTS GLASGOW - Glasgow 

Regular presenter on THE BOOK WHISPERERS podcast and radio show from March 2020.



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