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  • Mary's Expert Guidance on Resilience, Growth, and Conquering Challenges

    Mary Turner Thomson is an international best-selling author and inspiring speaker, who has used her life experiences to empower and motivate others.


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  • "Mary's talks have been praised for their honesty, humour, and impact on audiences. By sharing her story and expertise, Mary helps people find their voice, recognise their strengths, and move forward in life."

  • Empowering Talks, Transformative Insights

    With a focus on dealing with challenging personality types, surviving trauma, and personal growth, Mary's talks and workshops captivate audiences and provide valuable insights into overcoming adversity.  


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  • Mary Turner Thomson's Inspiring Reaction to FuckUp Nights Edinburgh

    Mary Turner Thomson shares her incredible story and her experience of FuckUp Nights Edinburgh. From failure to success, her journey will leave you inspired and motivated to embrace your own journey. Check out her unforgettable message at the end!

  • Words of Wisdom

    “The concept of ‘Personal Responsibility’, is realising that you have the ability to respond in any way you choose. You just have to focus on where you are going, and choose the path you want to take.”

  • From Victim to Victorious: How I Found Healing and Success After Betrayal

    Join Mary Turner Thomson as she shares her journey from being manipulated by a psychopath, left broke with three children and a dying mother, to becoming a successful author and publishing consultant. Mary will talk about how writing her story and helping children tell theirs led her to find healing, purpose, and a fulfilling career. She will also share her other inspiring stories, including how she became a black belt in Taekwondo and overcame childhood abuse. Don't miss this empowering talk about turning tragedy into triumph.

  • Diverse Topics, Engaging Talks 

    From speaking to large audiences at venues like The Dome Theatre and Liverpool Philharmonic to conducting workshops with students, Mary's expertise spans a wide range of topics, including: 


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    Solid Gold Clouds

    Transforming Trauma into Growth and Empowerment


    People often said to Mary that becoming an international best-selling author after writing her book was a ‘silver lining’ to her story. Her response is always that it is actually ‘Solid Gold Clouds’. We are all where we are in life because of our history – and no matter what happens to us we can learn from it and use that experience to better fuel our futures.

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    Keeping Your Powder Dry

    Trust, Reputation, and Understanding Who and How to Trust


    Oliver Cromwell, famously told his Roundhead troops at the Battle of Edgehill in 1642 (the opening fight of the English civil war), “Put your trust in God my boys, but mind to keep your powder dry.” Learning to trust again after adversity or abuse can be tough but the alternative is to live without love. Gaining experience from your past is a powerful thing as it enables you to be prepared for any similar encounters – but getting the balance right can be tricky!

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    Surviving Psychopaths

    Recognising and Protecting Yourself from Antisocial Personality Disorders


    Pure pyschopaths might make up 1% of society but if we educated the 99% about them they will lose a lot of their power. If you can recognise the signs and red flags of abuse, you can protect yourself (and others around you) from the harm that these psychopaths, and other toxic personality types, have the potential to do.

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    Finding Your Voice

    Breaking the Silence and Expressing Yourself after Abuse


    The first rule of any abuser is to keep their victim silent, and then to isolate them from friends and family. Finding your voice again after abuse can be difficult but sharing stories with like minded and supportive people can make all the difference.

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    Recognising Personality Types

    Recognising and Protecting Yourself from Antisocial Personality Disorders


    Toxic personalities are not just in relationships, they can be in families (parents, siblings, children), work colleagues, friendship groups and neighbours. Recognising the types of behaviour, warning signs and even speech patterns – not just of the toxic personality but within ourselves – puts control back in your hands.

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    Write Yourself Out of a Crisis

    The Healing Power of Writing


    Writing after an abusive relationship or coming out of a traumatic time in your life, can be a powerful tool for healing, growth, and transformation. It can help you make sense of your experiences, process your emotions, and move forward in a more empowered and fulfilling way. In this course/talk Mary will guide you through how use writing as a tool for recovery.

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    Writing and Publishing Books

    Guiding You Through the Process of Becoming a Published Author


     Writing is not only a creative outlet but also a tool for self-reflection, personal growth, and storytelling. Mary can inspire you to overcome your fears and take action towards achieving your publishing goals – so that you can delve into the world of writing and publishing, and unleash the power of your words.

  • Words of Wisdom

    “A definition of madness is continuing to do the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result.”

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