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  • Standup Comedy: A Hillarious and Candid Talk

    Join author Mary Turner Thomson as she shares her incredible story of discovering that her husband was not only a bigamist but also a con man and pedophile psychopath. Through her journey of trauma and healing, Mary found catharsis in writing her book, The Bigamist, and now inspires others to find their own strength and resilience in the face of betrayal. Don't miss this engaging and humorous talk from an international best-selling author who proves that even the worst experiences can lead to personal growth and triumph.

    The Psychopath: A True Story - Live interview with author Mary Turner Thomson

    In this Murder Academy interview, Mary Turner Thomson shares her harrowing story of deceit, betrayal, and abuse, aiming to raise awareness and help others identify signs of psychopathic or sociopathic partners. Mary also advocates for writing as a tool for recovery and introduces her not-for-profit group, The Book Whisperers Community Interest Company.

    This Morning TV - March 2020

    "Unraveling a Web of Lies": Mary Turner Thomson shares her harrowing experience with a bigamist husband, a convicted sex offender and conman, alongside her daughter Eilidh.

    Psychopathy: Criminal and Corporate -

    Psych Soc O’Clock - March 2019

    "Psychopathy Misconceptions & Origins": Amelia, Kevin, and Emily explore psychopathy and its evolutionary roots, featuring Mary Turner Thomson's personal experience with a psychopathic husband.

    Betrayed by the One You Love: The Shocking Truth About Deception and Infidelity

    In this compelling talk, Mary Turner Thomson shares her experience of being deceived by her partner, who turned out to be a bigamist and a con artist. She delves into the different ways in which people lie and cheat in relationships, from little white lies to infidelity and financial fraud. Mary's story highlights the importance of being vigilant and listening to your intuition when it comes to matters of the heart. Join us for this eye-opening discussion on the dangers of trust and the devastating consequences of betrayal.

    FaceBook Live Interview with HuYoo - 2017

    Mary Turner Thomson, author and Channel 4's "My Online Nightmare" participant, discusses her experience as a bigamy scam target in this Facebook Live video. She shares her story, offers advice for scam victims, and provides insights on maintaining safety in online interactions.

    Girls who called William Allen Jordan 'Dad' Speak Out - NBC Dateline 2016

    "Bigamist 'Dad' Shocks Daughters": Robyn and Eilidh share their memories of the man they once called father, later unmasked as a bigamist and fraudster.

    Hack Circus Podcast - Nov 2016

    In this captivating video, Mary Turner Thomson shares her extraordinary journey of living with a psychopathic con artist and her inspiring path to overcoming the experience. Mary's story highlights her unwavering positivity and determination to help others affected by trauma and raise awareness about psychopaths and sociopaths in our society.




    Jon Ronson on ... The Internet Date from Hell

    "Internet Date from Hell": Jon Ronson's gripping radio show features Mary Turner Thomson's shocking story of deception and betrayal, exposing the dark side of online dating.

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