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  • The Psychopath

    The Psychopath: Unmasking a Serial Deceiver


    In 2006, Mary Turner Thomson's life was upended when she discovered her husband Will was a bigamist, con man, and convicted sex offender. This shocking revelation marked the beginning of a bold new chapter in her life, as she embarked on a mission to protect other women from his relentless gaslighting and deception. Mary's pursuit of justice didn't end with the exposure of Will's multiple families and children; she vowed to protect his new victims and uncover the psychopathy behind his deceitful behaviour.


    Joining forces with his latest fiancée in the US, Mary strives to put an end to Will's cruel actions. But can she and her fellow survivors bring him down once and for all? In this compelling sequel to The Bigamist, Mary Turner Thomson shares her ongoing journey of healing and empowerment as she confronts the psychopath who devastated her life.


    Available in paperback, hardback, Kindle, and audiobook formats. Order from your local bookstore or on Amazon.

  • The Bigamist

    Unraveling Deceit: A Shocking True Story of Betrayal and Manipulation


    Discover the harrowing true story of an intelligent, independent woman deceived and swindled out of £200,000 by the man she believed was her loving husband and the father of her children. In April 2006, Mary Turner Thomson's world was shattered when she learned her husband, Will Jordan, had been married to another woman for 14 years and had fathered five children with her. This cunning con artist had been deceiving women for over 27 years, weaving an intricate web of lies to conceal his actions.


    Explore the depths of deception, the limits of love, and the strength of one woman's determination to uncover the truth in this chilling account of manipulation and betrayal.

  • Trading Places

    Triumph Over Adversity: Natalie Hutchison's Inspiring Journey


    Overcoming incredible obstacles, Natalie Hutchison's life has been a series of daunting challenges, from a troubled upbringing and teenage motherhood to battling endometriosis, bulimia, and finding refuge in a women's shelter. Yet, when it seemed as if her 'happy ever after' was finally within reach, her life took another unexpected turn.


    Discover Natalie's inspiring story of resilience and determination, as she transforms her life by launching her own successful business, proving that it's never too late to change your destiny.

  • The Sociopath Subtext

    Unmasking the Sociopath's Mind


    Dive into a witty and insightful exploration of the everyday language used by sociopaths and psychopaths, and uncover the hidden meanings behind their seemingly innocent words.


    This entertaining and thought-provoking book sheds light on the stark contrast between what they say and what they truly think, providing a unique glimpse into the complex world of these master manipulators. Get ready to be amused and enlightened as you decipher the cryptic code of the sociopath's mind!

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