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    Crafting Stunning Book Covers to Make Your Story Shine

  • Contrary to the famous phrase, everyone does judge a book by its cover. In fact, there is even a science to it. First, the reader looks at the front cover, and if they like the look of that, they then turn the book over to look at the back. If the back cover intrigues them, they'll open the book and read the first paragraph. If that hooks them, then they buy the book!

    Good cover design can be the making or breaking of any book. It is not only finding the right image but also getting the right font and layout to best match the feel of the story. No matter how good the writing is on the inside, an amateur cover will prevent people from reading it. If the cover does not give the reader the right 'feel' for the book, it will never reach the people it is meant for.

    Being passionate about book covers, I feel it is important to get it right. In consultation, I come up with 5-6 concepts for the author to choose from, and then we work on that to make sure it is exactly what the author wants. See finished examples of published books below (including links to those books on Amazon). If you would like help with a book cover, just let me know.

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